Do Your Race and Ethnicity Affect Your Risk of Kidney Disease?

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While anyone of any age can get kidney disease, there is a higher risk amongst certain segments of the population. American Indians, Hispanics, and African Americans tend to be at a higher risk of developing kidney disease than others, partly because of their higher instances of diabetes and high blood pressure 

Those of African American descent have a risk of developing kidney disease that’s nearly four times higher than that of Caucasians. Nearly 32% of the people in the United States who suffer from kidney failure are African American, even though they only make up 13% of the nation’s population.

Those who are of Hispanic heritage have had a growing problem when it comes to kidney failure. This increase in health problems really started to worsen around 2000, and since then, the number of Hispanic men and women who suffer from kidney failure is up by more than 70%. This is a very disturbing trend. Research shows that Hispanics are one and a half times as likely to suffer from kidney failure as non-Hispanics are.

American Indians have about 1.8 times the likelihood of suffering from kidney failure that Caucasians do. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure with American Indians, as it is with so many of the other high-risk populations out there.

Those who are part of the above communities should make sure they are taking steps to protect their kidney health since they are at such a high risk. By getting checkups, eating right, and being aware of your overall health, it helps ensure you have a healthier and happier life down the road. Regular checkups can help to catch the disease early, even though it won’t reverse it. This can provide you with some early treatment options to help you stay healthier longer. 


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